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Late Arrivals
Children who arrive after 7:55AM must sign in at the main office before going to class. The student will be given a late pass to take to the teacher.

School Closures
School cancellations will be announced on all major radio and television stations starting at 6AM. It is also available on all CPS web sites, CPS Facebook and Twitter pages.

Early Pickup
hallway.jpgAnyone picking up a child before the end of the school day must write a note to the teacher stating the time of dismissal and who is to pick up the child. Upon arrival, you must report to the Main Office and sign your child out at the office laptop. You will receive an early dismissal pass. A Tobin Staff Member will then call to have your child come to meet you in the main office. If anyone other than the parent or guardian is to pick up a child from school, or if a child is to ride a different bus than usual, a note must be given to the teacher at the beginning of the day.

3 year-old optional: 11AM 
All School: 1:55PM

  • All children should be picked up at the front door of the school. Three year-olds are picked up in Room 129.
  • Parents may NOT park in the drop-off circle. This circle is for buses ONLY!!! Parents may pull up across the street and walk their child(ren) back to their cars.