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History and Geography

Typically children from 3 to 6 form impressions that can be classified as pre-history. Daily and weekly schedules are shared with children at morning meeting. Birthdays are celebrated with birthday walks using a globe to symbolize the passing of a year in a child’s life. Among the experiences of telling time, keeping track of seasons, life cycles of plants and animals, children gain an impression of time passing.

Impressionistic stories related to the creation of the universe, solar system and earth serve to help children gain an initial impression of ages past. Combined with stories  of famous peoples of past and present, children are able to build these experiences into a sense of history at the subsequent lower elementary level.

At the Children’s House  level, learning in history and social science is built on children’s experiences in their families, school, community, state, and country. Children listen to stories about the people and events we celebrate in our national holidays and learn why we celebrate them. They also become familiar with our national symbols. The purpose of the preK-K curriculum is to begin the development of their civic identity.