Tobin Weekly
Every Friday, you will receive the Tobin Weekly e-newsletter, where you will find up-to-the-minute information about what is going on in the school for the following week or two. A hard copy will be sent home to students who do not have e-mail addresses. Subscribe to the Tobin Weekly here >>

Wednesday Send Home
Every Wednesday, you will receive all the community information we've received from the city, as well as various agencies in the area. This information will include community activities, sports leagues, etc. These flyers have been approved by Dr. Carolyn Turk, Deputy Superintendent.

Classroom Newsletters
Each classroom teacher has a different policy as far as Newsletters are concerned. Some have  weekly updates. Some are monthly updates. You can ask the teacher what to expect. You can look forward to every classroom teacher having their very own classroom webpage!

Our NEW Facebook Page
Here's where you'll find updates, stories, and more – so be sure to give us a "like" and be a part of our new Facebook community!

Quick E-Mails
Sometimes things have to be communicated right away. When this happens, you will get an e-mail from Family Liaison Mary Frawley. We try to keep this to a minimum...but sometimes things can't be helped!

ROBO Calls
Mrs. Mosman will make a call to all the families once a month or just before a big event. Please listen to the message to the end, because important information is included in that call.