Mindful Parenting Comes to Tobin!

Mindful Parenting Comes to Tobin!
Posted on 05/22/2015
mindfulWhat a great turnout we had for Mindful Parenting last month at Tobin! After a brief introduction to Mindfulness and guided exercise, we took turns exploring paradigms such as Growth Mindset, Self-Regulation and "Vitamin N." Parents and caregivers shared personal experiences and picked up tips and tricks for troubleshooting challenges. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we are looking forward to the next meeting this coming Thursday, May 28th @ 8AM in the Library.

mindfulMindful Parenting will meet every 4th Thursday of the month (including June 25th - last day of school!). All are welcome and we hope to see you there! Can't make a meeting? No problem; join the conversation online. Just email or

Thursday, May 28 | 8AM | Library

Mindful Parenting in the Tobin Library, April 30; Paul Oberhauer soothes his niece, future Tobin Tiger Cub Mary McSweeney, during Mindful Parenting