Spring Concert

Spring Concert
Posted on 06/19/2015
spring concertOn June 11th, under the elegant direction of Music Teacher John Reynolds and accompaniment of pianist Valerie Ross, our students performed beautifully at our annual SPRING CONCERT. First up was the debut of a new professional arrangement of our own Tobin Pledge Song, re-imagined.  Commissioned by Mr. Reynolds, funded by Friends of Tobin and scored by composer Whitney, the children sang the familiar melody and a new counter-melody in two parts. It was beautiful! Grades K-4 then sang the popular Mexican folk song De Colores. Next the Kindergardeners performed an African American Game Song called The Swallow (with a solo by Andrew Orlick), Viva la Musica and an arrangement by Mr. Reynolds of I Climbed Up the Apple Tree. Then Grades 1&2 performed a Spring Suite of original songs each classroom composed themselves! They next performed a Chinese Yangtze Boatmen's Chantey, and French work song J'entend le Moulin.  Grades 3&4 performed a Japanese traditional called Hotaru Koi, and Wind on the Hill with text by A.A. Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh). Finally, all grades sang a beautiful rendering of the timeless classic Over the Rainbow.  

After that came the Grade 5 Band and Grade 5 Orchestra. (Did you know Tobin school even has a band and an orchestra?) Music Teacher David Cross directed the band of wind instruments performing Tobin Fight Song, a traditional rallying number, and Tortilla (an age-appropriate take on the song otherwise known as Tequilla). Both of these numbers were a hit with the audience as we  were invited to participate by shouting out "Tobin School!" or "Tortilla!" at the right moments. Last but not least the 5th Grade Orchestra treated us to three songs: French Folk Song, Frere Jacques and Bile 'em Cabbage Down – performed on violins, violas and cello.  

The music program at Tobin has undergone a profound transformation since the arrival of Mr. Reynolds in Fall of 2013 and the Kodaly (pronounced "Ko-die") Method of music education, which has been scientifically linked to higher academic achievement. Our Kodaly program is privately funded by philanthropist couple Alan and Suzanne Dworsky, who have supported music throughout our school system for the past decade. We were especially honored to be graced by the Dworsky's presence in our audience for this year's Spring Concert. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Dworsky!  

Photo: Tobin Grade 5 Orchestra!