STEAM-based "Making" is Coming to Tobin!

STEAM-based "Making" is Coming to Tobin!
Posted on 11/04/2016
We are thrilled to announce that we have received grant funding to begin a STEAM-based maker program here at Tobin. What is "making" you may wonder? It can be broadly defined as using your hands, heart, and mind to create or improve things. Over the next month and a half we will be preparing to kick off our new maker program which will be available to all classrooms after winter break. Stay tuned for details about how you can be involved in the kick-off week and learn more about this new program!

In preparation for this concept of making with our students, many of our teachers visited the STEAM Lab at Lesley University to try out "making" and be inspired by the activities they can bring back to their classrooms.

How can you help now? We need your recyclables! Please send in the following early and often:
–Shoe boxes
–Tissue boxes (not ripped)
–Toilet paper rolls (no paper attached)
–Paper towel rolls (no paper attached)
–Tape rolls (no tape)
–Clean egg cartons

There will be collection boxes in the lobby for these items. Thank you!