An Awesome Adventure!

An Awesome Adventure!
Posted on 10/09/2015
Thompson IslandBy Stella Guest & Benny Ross (Room 204; pictured at bottom right)

The three amazing days that we, the Fourth and Fifth Graders, spent on Thompson Island was a great experience for all of us, and it definitely made us into an incredible team. When we stepped on the ferry, we all thought this trip was going to be fun, but that was an understatement. We got a little bored on the boat, so we all went outside, even though it was raining. We went outside because we came on this trip for a few reasons 1.) to have fun and 2.) to get wet. About twenty minutes after we boarded, we caught a glimpse of Thompson Island. Five minutes later we arrived.

After we had settled in, we walked to the gym where the Flying Squirrel awaited us (see photo on right). The Flying Squirrel is when you are pulled to the ceiling of the gym by a rope and harness. This is how it works: you start running in a circle and then lifted off your feet and up into the air. From up in the air, you can see everyone below. When you want to come down, you just yell, “Stop!” and you are gently lowered back to the ground. Everyone loved the Flying Squirrel!! The Flying Squirrel was a new experience for all of us because I don’t think anyone had hung from a gym ceiling before! After that, we played a few games and then had free time and went to bed.

Thompson IslandAfter we woke up on Thursday, got dressed and brushed our teeth, we separated into our groups. After we ate breakfast, our group headed to the salt marsh. At the salt marsh, we caught many crabs (that pinched) and snails (that were released afterwards), but if you got your hands wet at all, which we did, then you would get brutally cold because of the wind.

After eating a lunch of pizza and salad, we headed over to the gym to climb the climbing wall. Climbing was really fun. Some of us made it to the top, some didn’t. Some of us got sweaty, some didn’t, but we all had a blast! The climbing wall was also very tricky because it mostly relied on your upper body grip strength, as there were not many reliable foot holds. After we climbed, we had free time in which some of us went to the gym and played dodgeball, basketball, and hockey. After that, we had dorm time and went to bed.

Thompson IslandWhen we woke up on Friday, we quickly got dressed and ate breakfast and then went to our classrooms. We played a few games and walked over to the low ropes. The low ropes are like a seesaw. The only difference is the coaches give you and your team challenges to do on it. One of the challenges was to make it balance for the whole “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” song. The next challenge was to stand in a circle and make it balance for the same amount of time. There was one more challenge, it was to rotate in a circle and sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Thompson IslandAfter that, we went to the beach and got to choose a shell to keep. After that, we walked around on the beach, then we went to the marsh for the last time to say goodbye. It was too cold to stay on the beach, so we went back to our classrooms and played a few games. We said our goodbyes to the classroom, then we ate our last meal of hamburgers, hot dogs and curly fries. After lunch, we said our goodbyes to the counselors and hopped on the ferry. As we floated away from the island, we remembered the good times that we had at Thompson Island.