Back to the Future

Back to the Future
Posted on 01/20/2017
back to the futureLast week at our monthly School Advisory Council meeting, Jaime Frost conducted a data gathering protocol on behalf of our Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Salim. Each principal in the district has been asked to conduct this specific “Back to the Future” protocol as a way of gathering data to inform his entry plan work. During the meeting, parents and teachers were asked to think about what it means to be a successful graduate of Cambridge Public Schools. They were asked what our school should look like, sound like and even feel like. The participants had many thoughtful discussions about the action steps that should be taken to move our school or schools in Cambridge closer to our ideal vision. All of the ideas and thoughts were recorded and will be given to Dr. Salim for his work.

Please take a moment to look over the notes from this meeting (see notes here). If you would like to add any comments or thoughts to these notes, please email Mary Frawley and we will incorporate these ideas before sending them to Dr. Salim.

back to the future
Also – what a great turnout for our School Advisory Council meeting. We had about 25 participants who participated in the protocol, and we are confident that our "Tobin Voices" will be heard!