Classroom Highlight: Room 210

Classroom Highlight: Room 210
Posted on 04/27/2018
class field tripWhat is a favorite project you worked on this year? 

A perennial favorite is making gingerbread people cookies by using our math skills to buy ingredients, make dough, divide cookies, and decorate them. A new favorite is the opportunity to design your own plant experiment. Right now the children are investigating questions like "Can a plant grow in cake instead of soil?" "Can we give it melted chocolate instead of water?" and "Can it grow with a colored lightbulb instead of sunlight?"

Tell us a few everyday examples of kindness shown by the students. 

We begin Writing Workshop with Brain Gym, a series of exercises that raises our heart rate and puts both hemispheres of the brain into communication (with movements that cross the boy's midline). The exercises include Elephant Ears, Jumping Jacks, Supergirl/Superboy, and Wheelbarrow (among others). The children take turns leading Brain Gym. When we ask for volunteers to lead, *several* children raise their hands. Then a few hands go down, because children who have *already* had a turn at leading realize that others are still waiting for a *first* turn. We congratulate the children who take themselves out of the running, because they want to make sure that we are fair about taking turns.

How do you and the students start and end your day? 

We begin each day with a Morning Meeting in which the children greet each other by name and perform a movement. It could be a handshake, a bow, or the complicated greeting that they invented, "The Slap-Slap-Mash-Mash-Squish- Squish" (which is less violent then it sounds). At the end of every Friday, we say goodbye to each other by singing the "Going Home Song," a song from the Blackfoot Nation taught to me by Blacksnake Woman and her husband, Traveling Medicine Dog.