Community of Scholars Event

Community of Scholars Event
Posted on 03/17/2017
Exciting news!!! A team of Tobin teachers will be presenting some of the work we have been doing in conjunction with the Lesley University STEAM Lab. Please join us on Friday, March 24 at 3PM at Lesley University for Lesley University's Community of Scholars event. Location: Lesley University, University Hall, 1815 Mass Ave, Room 3-094.

Learning should never be boring. As educators, this is an easy stance to take, but we have often seen that it is not easily accomplished in public school settings. In a partnership between Lesley’s Makerspace STEAM team and the Tobin Montessori School in Cambridge, we worked together to reconceptualize learning science through making. Making is a movement that has grown out of the work of Seymour Papert, where he advanced the Piaget-informed construct of constructionism. “Through the construction process we come to understand what we don’t understand. In constructing collaboratively, we engage with each other, feeding off of each other, making each other’s artifacts and ideas better (Norris and Solloway, 2017)”.

Papert (1998) offers that “the role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge”. To fully experience the conditions that foster “invention”, come hear from these public school educators about their instructional moves that foster learner-directed activities in this unit on sound, light, and digital waves. Their discussion will be followed by a hands-on re-creation of these science activities, giving participants the opportunity to explore how making can inspire engagement, foster collaboration, and ignite learning through tinkering, play, creativity and the generation of big ideas.

Sue Cusack, Assistant Professor, Director, Lesley University Makerspace
Jacy Edelman, Assistant Director, Lesley University Makerspace
Erin Gutierrez, Montessori Resource Teacher
Susan Grassey, Tobin Montessori School Upper Elementary Teacher
Stacey DeSimone, Tobin Montessori School Upper Elementary Teacher
Stefanie Gambino-Carter, Tobin Montessori School Upper Elementary Teacher