Did You Know? Our Very Own...

Did You Know? Our Very Own...
Posted on 05/27/2016
susanOur very own Susan Grassey just completed a prestigious two year science fellowship through the University of Massachusetts, Boston!

The WIPRO Science Education Fellowship (SEF) is a teacher- leadership program funded by the Wipro Organization. On August 29, 2012, Wipro committed $3.3 million to COSMIC, over five years, to train three cohorts of 120 school teachers, fostering leadership and teaching excellence in science education among students from areas in Boston and New Jersey. 

The Wipro Science Education Fellowship is based upon the success of the Boston Science Partnership’s Science Education Fellowship, which was supported through the National Science Foundation Math Science Partnership Program from 2009 to 2012. The Fellowship is a two-year-long program for experienced teachers. The program uses a model of teacher support and development to increase the quality of teaching and leadership in science throughout several districts. This model includes a comprehensive set of activities designed to improve teacher practice, focusing on the outcome of increased achievement in science for all students. Learn more about Wipro at