Friends of Tobin Update: May 2016

Friends of Tobin Update: May 2016
Posted on 05/27/2016
April & May: Building on the work begun by Tobin parent Beatriz Meza-Valencia in Children's House several years ago, Mindfulness instructor Gabriel Baldwin has been helping Upper Elementary and Children's House students and teachers strengthen these skills that help regulate emotions. Friends of Tobin thanks a donor advised fund of the Boston Foundation for supporting these workshops and professional development sessions. Also, a big thank you to the parents who made the connection between this funding opportunity and our school's needs. ($3,600)

May 18: Tobin Tiger t-shirts to promote community spirit, distributed at the Tobin's first-ever Classroom Reveal Day for the incoming 3-year-olds. ($380)

May 23-June 1: Lower Elementary classes (1 per day) have been exploring Cambridge with Cambridge Historical Tours' Pioneer Tours ($814). This tour ties into the cultural 

curriculum and the classroom studies of Cambridge and Massachusetts. Students have been learning about the place in which they live, Cambridge, Mass., and its historical importance. The tour gave kids first hand experience connecting our city, with its familiar landmarks, to what they have been learning in class. Over the next couple of weeks, the LE classes will also be visiting the Longfellow House to get another in depth look into Cambridge history. Be sure to ask your child about these exciting trips and some of what they saw!

Fun Fact:
Friends of Tobin receives checks from the Recycle That collection bin located to the right of the building. This school year, it has raised $960! (If the bin is full when you try to donate your items, please let Mary know so she can call the company to empty it.)

Where did the money come from?
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