International Night – Volunteers Needed!

International Night – Volunteers Needed!
Posted on 11/20/2015
It's only three weeks away, and we are looking for volunteers for the Parade of Nations, cafeteria, and the activities tables. Last year's International Night was a great experience and your help was what made it wonderful. This year we're hoping for an event even more fun and enriching and hope you'll join us again by participating in running an activity table. Please let me know if you're already planning the best Table Activity of 2015! If you are able to help with the biggest event of the year, PLEASE contact Mary Frawley at for all the details.

Thank you in advance,

Carrie Schantz Voiland (Edwin and Louise's mom)

International Night | December 10 | 5-7PM

5PM Drop off the Pot Luck meal in the lobby. A volunteer will take the dish to the cafeteria. While waiting for dinner to be served, please enjoy the activities in the hallway. 

5-5:30PM Enjoy the heritage posters in front of the classrooms as well as the activities tables in the hallway. 

5:30-6:15PM Sample delicacies from around the world in the cafeteria. Please wear typical clothing from your country. 

6:30PM Bring your child to the 3rd floor for the Parade Of Nations. Look for volunteers who will direct you and your child. You may stay with your child or take a seat in the auditorium. DON’T FORGET TO BRING THE FLAG OF YOUR COUNTRY FOR THE PARADE! 

What is a Potluck? Each family brings a dish with enough food for 10-12 people to enjoy. It can be a traditional dish from your country or a dish you just like to make. Please consider using disposable containers. Label your dishes and serving spoons with your name. Empty dishes can be claimed in the cafeteria at 7PM. Paper products and beverages will be provided. Please fill out a food card, and bring it along with your dish.