MFA Field Trip!

MFA Field Trip!
Posted on 03/23/2018

On March 9th, Ms. Yuliya took room 215 on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to explore masks in connection with their art curriculum. The trip was made possible thanks to Ms. Anastasia, our art education intern from Tufts University/SMFA for ticket costs, and Ms. Yuliya & Mr. Huber applying for a Big Yellow Bus grant. Among oohs and ahhs as we entered the grand halls of the MFA the students took a tour of artifacts in the museum’s permanent collections from the Pacific Islands, Ancient Egypt, Mesoamerica, and Africa. We got a chance to sketch and think about the artifacts we were observing and then we had lunch in a special room. After lunch we broke up into two groups and visited new and special exhibits as well as some interesting parts of the museum’s permanent collection. Some of the highlights were an exhibit on M.C. Escher’s tessellation drawings, the Colonial and revolutionary rooms, and some of the contemporary art.

We finished off our trip at the Murakami Tsuji special exhibit that had a wall of gold and colorful flowers and a matching flower floor! We had a great time looking at the artwork and loved posing for photos on the floor!

Since attending the trip Ms. Stefanie has noticed an increased interest in students sketching, researching and looking at Japanese art, and spending more of their time in the art room before school and at recess time.

But don't take our word for it, here's what some of the students in 215 had to say about it:
Lucy, 10: "I enjoyed the mummy exhibit because I liked looking at ancient artifacts."
Ekram, 11: "It was beautiful!"
Alise, 10: "It was fun and the Murakami was very cool!"
Najma, 9: "I just loved the Oak Hill rooms because I loved to see how they lived back then."
Emmanuel, 9: "I liked it because there are many different sculptures of things that are made of ancient times clay."
Yobel, 11: "I liked the sketching I got to do."