Plimoth Plantation 2017

Plimoth Plantation 2017
Posted on 04/07/2017
plimoth plantationThe students of Lower Elementary have been studying American history this year and are currently learning about some of the first people who arrived from Europe to this land. Last Thursday, these students got to step back in time as they visited Plimoth Plantation.

plimoth plantationAfter hearing about their perilous ship ride here, we traveled down to Plymouth, MA to meet some of the people who actually traveled from England back in 1620. The students were invited into homes, helped with gardening and heard stories about how life was back then. Fires were going, meals were being prepared and children left the plantation even smelling like they lived back then. Then it was off to the Wampanoag site at Plimoth Plantation. Here we got to meet real live descendants of the Wampanoag tribe that greeted the Pilgrims way back then. We learned about how they cooked their food, built their homes and about their life today.

plimoth plantationEveryone left very excited with a lot of knowledge about this important time in our history as well as a greater appreciation for all the advantages we have today!