Spotlight on Alissa Sullivan

Spotlight on Alissa Sullivan
Posted on 09/30/2016
asGet to know our smiling Children's House Paraprofessional! She's the new teaching assistant in room 282 with Miss Megan Cahill.

What roads led you to the Tobin Montessori School? 

I have lived in Cambridge all my life, and went through Cambridge Public schooling myself! Last year, I began working for CPSD at the Morse School as a part-time instructional aide. Towards the end of the year, I began looking for full-time within the district and got incredibly lucky to receive an offer to join the Tobin Montessori community!

When school is closed because of a snow storm, what do you like to do?
Stay cozy inside with hot chocolate and a good movie!

Who would you like to play you in a movie?
Jennifer Garner. We have the same middle name- it’s destiny!

Which do you prefer: ocean or lake?

Favorite sports team?
Red Sox in the summer. Patriots in the winter!

Coffee or tea?
Iced coffee. Even in the winter!

Favorite flavor ice cream?
Black Raspberry from Kimball’s Farm.