Spotlight on Brittany MacDonald (2017)

Spotlight on Brittany MacDonald (2017)
Posted on 01/13/2017
brittanyHere is Brittany MacDonald, Lower Elementary teacher...She has been with us since the Montessori School started!!

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Tobin?
I grew up in Ashland, MA. After graduating from UMass Amherst I got married and lived in Watertown. I’ve been here since 2007 when the Montessori program started. I feel that everything just fell into place and I couldn’t be more fortunate to work in such a wonderful school!

Favorite time of year and why?
SUMMER! Of course I miss working with our students, but you can’t beat summer weather! I get to enjoy everyday with my kids without rushing out the door. We like to get out and often spend time in Falmouth.

Favorite teacher you had in school and why?
Oh, this is a tough one! I was lucky and had many great teachers throughout my school years. One of my favorite teachers was my 8th grade social studies teacher and he was also my softball coach. He made learning fun, but held high expectations. He took time to get to know everyone. He was one of those teachers that everyone would always go back to visit. He truly cared about his students and he showed that by how much time he invested in everyone and their learning.

Skiing in Aspen or sunning in the tropics?
Well… I do like skiing, but I DON’­T like being cold! So, you can find me on a beach in the tropics! Actually, you probably won’­t find me anywhere because I have three kids. Who has time to travel with three kids? If you have a secret for traveling with three kids, please let me in on it.

Favorite movie?
I can’­t say that I have a favorite, however “Home Alone” and “Elf” are definitely my go-tos in the winter!

Dark or milk chocolate?
I prefer milk chocolate!