Spotlight on Joey Huber (2017)

Spotlight on Joey Huber (2017)
Posted on 03/03/2017
joeyHere is always pleasant and very hard working Assistant Principal Mr. Huber!

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Tobin?
I was born and raised in Southern California in a fun little place called Orange County. I resided in the OC for about 10 years before moving to Allentown, outside of Philadelphia, PA, after my father received a job transfer. I then completed my college career in Charlotte, NC where I developed my passion for education. After graduating I had a choice to either move back to PA or move out to Boston, MA where my soon to be wife had moved after getting a job with the Boston Celtics. I chose Boston. Once I moved to New England, I quickly got a position in the Cambridge Public School District... ultimately landing me at the Tobin Montessori and I haven't looked back since.

Favorite time of year and why?
I do love the Summer, but have a soft spot for the Fall. I really appreciate those in between days as the heat of summer is still in the air, but the cool of Fall takes over at dusk.

Favorite teacher you had in school and why?
My fourth grade teacher Ms. Lee would have to take the cake. Ms. Lee was my teacher after I moved from California to Pennsylvania and she was very supportive during this difficult transition in my life. I also appreciated Ms. Lee for keeping me honest. In other words, Ms. Lee pushed me to be the best version of myself. The funny thing was, she later taught sixth grade and I had the opportunity to have her as a teacher again.

Skiing in Aspen or sunning in the tropics?
Send me to the tropics for some golf, time in the ocean, and fun in the sun!

Favorite movie?
Top Gun

Dark of milk chocolate?