Spotlight on Joey Huber – September 2015

Spotlight on Joey Huber
Posted on 09/25/2015
Joey HuberYou're a guy from Philly... How did you end up at Tobin?
Sure am... Moved up to Boston from the City of Brotherly Love back in June of 2009. I had followed my longtime girlfriend (now wife) up to New England after she was selected to be a member of the Boston Celtics dance team.

As an aspiring educator fresh out of college, I began working across the District at many elementary schools and eventually received a full-time job at the Tobin school in 2010 and never looked back. It has been an amazing five years!

What is your position here at the school?
The guy with many hats :) Officially known as the School Operations Manager. The position was implemented the year the Tobin and Vassal Lane Upper School were split. My position replaced the Assistant Principal role. As the second administer in the building, I am responsible for a lot of managerial, budgetary, scheduling, and behavioral management aspects of the school day.

Best part of your day?
Hmm, after some thought, the best part of my day may be that hour before calling it a night. That unstructured, relaxing part of the evening where you feel accomplished from a hard days work and have the excitement of what tomorrow brings. I spend this time usually watching a show, movie, or simply just reading a book with my wonderful wife.

What do you like to do after school?
I really enjoy finding time for physical fitness (gym, boxing, or a jog), as well as getting back to the North End for some R&R with my family and friends. Every day is different, and I find that I also relish the spontaneity associated with that.

Favorite sports team?
I have a great respect for all New England teams and have found myself supporting them throughout the years, especially the Celtics when I was regularly attending their games. It has been a tough transition from Philly to New England as far as sports go, but I guess I would have to go with the Patriots as the favorite team. I don't know if I have been brainwashed over the years, but I truly enjoy what the program stands for and the "do your job" mentality. (hopefully, nobody from home sees this! haha!)