Spotlight on Kristin Long

Spotlight on Kristin Long
Posted on 11/13/2015
KristinSpotlight on Kristin Long

Amazing Special Start Teacher

What roads led you to the Tobin Montessori School?
On a daily basis: 125, Route 3, 95S, and Route 2. It's a pretty stinky commute! On a more figurative note: After teaching in Dublin, Ireland and NYC, my husband and I moved back to Boston. I took a position with Special Start and was placed in the Tobin eight years ago to open the first Intensive Integrated classroom in the city. Eight years later we are still here, and there are two more classrooms like ours in CPS!

When school is closed because of a snow storm, what do you like to do?
Play with my 2 little ones at home! We build snowmen, play games, and do lots of baking! When they nap I get to sneak in some time reading or watching Pride and Prejudice, my favorite snow day guilty pleasure.

Who would you like to play you in a movie?
I am a teenager of the 90s and loved the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I aways wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar to play me in a movie, but of course I would never say no to Sandra Bullock! If she plays you in a movie it probably means you accomplished something pretty profound and made a difference in someone's life.

Which to you prefer: ocean or lake?
Absolutely ocean! I grew up on Long Island and the beach. This summer was the first time I was EVER in a lake and it was totally new for me.

Favorite sports team?
NY Giants, I am a New Yorker born and raised. I also follow the Irish National Rugby team, hands down the best sport to watch.

Coffee or tea?
I love them both. If I had to choose it would probably be coffee, but I really am happy with either, especially if it is from Starbucks. I am a Starbucks addict!

Favorite flavor ice cream?
Anything with peanut butter in it. Really any flavor ice cream works though. Filling out this survey makes me want coffee and an ice cream or coffee flavored ice cream!