Spotlight on Kristin Long (2017)

Spotlight on Kristin Long (2017)
Posted on 05/05/2017
kristinHere’s the Always Cheerful Kristin Long, Special Education Teacher in Room 288!

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Tobin?
I grew up in NY and came to Boston for my undergraduate degree at Boston University. After school, I taught in Boston, Dublin, Ireland, Brooklyn, and NYC. I came back to Boston and have been teaching the Special Start Intensive Integrated Preschool classroom since 2008.

Favorite time of year and why?
I love the summer. I love hot weather, swimming, sunshine, and the beach!

Favorite teacher you had in school and why?
I had many great teachers over the years, but I loved my fourth grade teacher. She left a month early to go on maternity leave and I stayed pen pals with her for years afterwards. I cannot remember specific examples as to why she made such a great impact, but I know I felt heard and understood. She got me and most of all I knew she liked me.

Skiing in Aspen or sunning in the tropics?
Sun, sun and more sun…How did I end up in New England again?

Favorite movie?
Pride and Prejudice! With Colin Firth, of course! Love Actually is a good second, and that actually has Colin Firth, too!

Dark or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate, but I will take any chocolate at any time!