Spotlight on Megan Cahill

Spotlight on Megan Cahill
Posted on 01/15/2016
mcOur Always Smiling Children's House Teacher!

What roads led you to the Tobin Montessori School?
I moved back to Massachusetts to be closer to my family.I was teaching at a Montessori School in NYC. I have always been interested in a public Montessori. Once I visited Tobin..... I never looked back.

When school is closed because of a snow storm, what do you like to do?
Stay cozy in my pajamas, eat yummy snacks and get fun chores done around the house. Watch a good movie and go for a walk in the snow. I have to keep busy!

Who would you like to play you in a movie?
Drew Barrymore

Which do you prefer: ocean or lake?
The ocean because my family has a house in Falmouth.

Favorite sports team?
Um... All Boston sports teams because the office ladies and my husband say they are the best!

Coffee or tea?

Favorite flavor ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip