Spotlight on Patches

Spotlight on Patches
Posted on 04/07/2017
patchesMeet Patches, our pet hamster in room 215!

Story written by Emi Rodes

What is your favorite food?

I would have say that my favorite food is my KIBBLE. I really enjoy an occasional, special and DELICIOUS dessert every once in awhile (maybe like everyday, but they don’t give it to me that often) … a piece of apple!

Where is your favorite place to vacation? 

My favorite place to vacation would be anywhere that doesn’t have a cat! My standards are pretty low. I’m happy to go anywhere where I am fed and kept warm. It gets a little lonely in the classroom overnight.

Lake or ocean? 

I think honestly neither. Hamsters can get a disease if they get wet. I have to be very careful about going out in the rain as well, I also can’t swim in a pool, but they're to deep for me anyways.

What are some of your traits?

I like other animals…. I don’t bite… only if I get scared or frustrated. I also love having time in my hamster ball and getting to go all around the classroom to check out all the cool things the students in room 215 are doing!

What are your favorite sleeping hours?

I would say all day, unless people disturb me by taking my castle off of me, or puts food in my cage, but that last one I am ok with. I also sleep in the night, only for a little though, because hamsters are nocturnal, which means we sleep in the day and are active at night.

What is your story?

Well one day I got returned to PetSmart, but then I saw a nice lady named Kathleen walk into PetSmart. I was so excited, I was gonna have a real home! A few minutes later I was in the car with Kathleen going to my new home. We walked in through a door, then another door, I saw a number next to the door it said 215. It was pretty lonely in the room I was waiting in, but then I saw a kid flood, they kept coming through the door. They got in a line waiting to touch me, I liked this classroom. Ok fast forward. I was staying at a girl named Emi’s house in a small cage they realized it was a bit small, they started building a new cage out of some parts of my old cage and a big empty bin. I returned to school on Monday in my new cage that still wasn’t big enough. So 3 kids built another level for my cage their names were Emi, Gefen and Esme. So now I have a huge cage, a nice class and energetic boys.