Spotlight on Paul Ferola

Spotlight on Paul Ferola
Posted on 01/08/2016
paulOur Kind, Friendly, and Very Hard Working Head Custodian!

What roads led you to the Tobin School?
Before becoming a custodian, I drove a cab in and around the Boston area. I have been a custodian for 20 years. I was at the Haggerty School for 12 years then came to the Tobin as a Head Custodian in 2008. I still drive a cab on the weekends. I have been driving for 40 years now!

When school is closed because of the snow storm, what do you like to do?
While you are toasty warm in your homes, waiting for the storm to pass, the custodial staff is in the school building! We are keeping the walkways and roofs clear of snow and ice!

Who would you like to play you in a movie?
Dan Aykroyd

Which do you prefer: ocean or a lake?

Favorite sports team?
Patriots and the Red Sox

Coffee or tea?

Favorite ice cream?
Brigham's vanilla