Spotlight on Sue Grassey

Spotlight on Sue Grassey
Posted on 01/06/2017
sueHere’s the always pleasant Sue Grassey, Upper Elementary teacher!

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Tobin?
I grew up in Quincy, MA and moved to Marshfield when I was going into the 8th grade. My road to Tobin was a long one but thanks to Stacey DeSimone, Eva Jaffe and Martha Mosman here I am and plan to stay.

Favorite time of year and why?
I love the spring because everything smells fresh, flowers bloom and the world seems to come alive after a long winter.

Favorite teacher you had in school and why?
My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Jensen. She was strict and had high standards but was also loving and encouraging. She encouraged me to write a story for the local newspaper. The story was also put into a time capsule and hidden away in our school.

Skiing in Aspen or sunning in the tropics?
Definitely sunning. I really do not like the snow or heights.

Favorite movie?
Star Wars original trilogy

Dark or milk chocolate?
Either. How can you go wrong with chocolate?