The Terrible Two Presentation

The Terrible Two Presentation
Posted on 01/22/2016
terrible twoThe Terrible Two Presentation
Article by: William DeSimone, Henry Carter, and James Toledo

We took two buses to the Cambridge Public library. Then we had to wait outside the library for a few minutes. While we were waiting, it was cold outside (36 degrees). Once we finally got inside, the nice lady from the library announced that we would go in. When we were brought inside, the nice lady went to check to see if the authors Mac Barnett and Jory John were ready. It took a couple minutes for her to come and tell us that they were ready. We had to go down about three flights of stairs, but when we finally got there, there were some very comfortable seats. We had to wait for the other schools (several from around the city were there) to get settled.

terrible twoThe librarian walked up to the podium and said something like, "We are very sorry, but the authors couldn’t make it, they are stuck in New Hampshire! But, we have some other special presenters for you today." Then, two men dressed in fake mustaches and lab coats came on stage. They said they were the Rockin’ Docs. After the Rockin' Docs talked for a bit, they took off their costumes...and we saw that they were Mac Barnett and Jory John – the authors who wrote “The Terrible Two” books!

terrible twoThen they told us all about the pranks they did on each other. Here are some of their pranks: Jory put rats in Mac Barnett’s bathtub; Mac filled up Jory's car with real pumpkins; when Mac went away for a week, Jory filled his office with hot Cheetos!

terrible twoJory John and Mac Barnett showed us how to be good pranksters! They told us to get a notebook and then they showed us good places to hide our pranking notebook. We could hide them in a hollow log or under your bed (but not beds that had alligators living under them), but definitely don’t hide your notebook under an otter or a cat!

Then we asked questions about pranking and their books. Behind Mac Barnett’s back, Jory John put up a picture of Mac Barnett when he was two years old wearing a sailor suit trying to play the piano. We all burst out laughing!

terrible twoThe nice lady who worked for the library said that each of the students would get an autographed copy of the new “Terrible Two” book (thanks to Porter Square Books)! Then Mac and Jory said goodbye and the people who worked at the library and at the bookstore handed out the books as we walked out. We then walked back to our bus. We all started reading our books on the ride back to school.

This field trip to the library to meet Mac Barnett and John Jory was amazing!

terrible twoPhoto on left: 
Our students who wrote this article (l-r): Henry Carter, William DeSimone, and James Toledo