Thompson Island: The Sleeping Pattern

Thompson Island: The Sleeping Pattern
Posted on 10/12/2017
By Beckett

Have you ever been to Thompson Island? It is one of the many island that are located in the Boston Harbor. At Thompson Island I had two roommates, named Kaleb and Yaseen. We named our group “The Islanders”. We were there for three days. We had two breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners. The food was great!

On the first night it was hard for us to fall asleep so when I fell asleep I kept waking up to them either talking or Kaleb asking for more hugs from his dad. Honestly, I don't know why he did that. Anyways, when I woke up the last time they were still talking it was morning. So on the second night they stayed up a little later than usual playing a game called GM (general management with basketball cards) when Kaleb and I came back from brushing our teeth Kaleb went to Yaseen's bed and got on his bed. Then we went back over then when he got back on the bed fell apart and everyone on the top floor ran into our room (which they are never supposed to do no matter what) and were all so surprised. Kaleb started crying about having to sleep on the bed cause he is used to sleeping on the floor. He ended up sleeping on the bed and I started to cry because I missed my mom but later a teacher came in and made me feel good enough to sleep and I had the same weird pattern with my sleep because of Kaleb. Later, I woke up to a GM game rather than the sound of talking. Well, they were talking but they were looking at their cards. Even so, I was half-asleep so it was quieter, but it seemed like they were talking to their cards rather than to each other. When I woke up, it made more sense.

The main point of our being there was to learn teamwork, which we did but we also did a lot of walking. The walks were fun and we burned off the calories from the food. On it there were three ropes; one designed for walking and one for each hand. When you start off, everyone is on one side, and three people had to sit on each rope but with but one of the teachers goes first so it gets a lot easier when the first kid goes. When I went across and sat down I was behind my teacher and I could not see a thing, and also that when a person got off I would not fly up into the air.

On the second day, we went to the beach, and I found a rock and I remembered from earlier that you can write on rocks with rocks. It will look like chalk and come off with water. I decided to draw a peace sign then it was time to leave the beach. I asked if I could take it home, and they said, “No”, so I asked if I could leave it there and they said, “Yes”.

After three days of waking up, going to sleep, building friendships, getting to know my classmates and peers in my grade level, and working on feeling good about ourselves I was happy and sad when it was time to go back home. I didn’t want to go back and eat the food at school but I was happy to go home and see my mom because I missed her. I recommend if anyone has the chance to go to Thompson Island they should. IT WAS FUN!