Tobin Celebrates Student Authors!

Tobin Celebrates Student Authors!
Posted on 12/07/2015
author celebrationHave you ever wondered how a story is born? At the Tobin School, we have been doing just that! This fall, students from Children’s House all the way up to Upper Elementary have been thinking deeply about how writers craft narrative stories. We have learned how to tell stories about moments in our lives with pictures and words. We have studied how to zoom in on small moments to bring the reader into the story. We have learned about adding powerful details to help the reader see, hear and feel the story. And the result of all this deep thought and hard work was a collection of extraordinary stories about meaningful moments in the lives of our students!

author celebrationOn the morning of Tuesday, November 17th, the Tobin School was flooded with families who came to celebrate our amazing Authors! Parents gathered in our lobby to enjoy conversation and coffee and an excited buzz of anticipation filled the air. After an introduction and welcome by Principal Jaime Frost and some Upper Elementary student leaders, parents eagerly dispersed to classrooms where authors ages 3 – 11 were waiting to share their work! In each classroom, students presented their writing, and visitors were encouraged to leave comments. The range of stories and depth of craft was inspiring!

Thanks to lots of outreach by staff, 86% of our students had family members visit for this exciting event! And all visitors made an effort to read the work of as many writers as possible so that ALL students benefited from the attention and feedback of a warm and caring audience!

author celebrationParent Jenny Oberhauser responded, “Thank you for the wonderful Author Celebration today! The sight of all the young authors patiently waiting at desks to greet their visitors was enough to make me swoon. Amazing. We loved it.” Teachers shared that the comments parents left for the writers reflected respect for the authors’ hard work. The children were very proud of their work – and the entire Tobin Community was proud with them!