Tobin Winter Concert 2016!

Tobin Winter Concert 2016!
Posted on 02/12/2016
winter concertThe snowstorm on Friday, February 5th provided the perfect weather for our annual Winter Concert, starring Kindergarden through 4th Grade Tobin Students. With grace, focus and skill they performed an array of wonderful songs, starting with the arranged version of the Tobin Pledge (including the lovely professionally written countermelodgy and piano accompaniment). Then the beautiful song “I See the Moon” was performed by all! This was followed by...

“Squirrel Squared” arranged by John Martha-Reynolds with surprising lyrics, 
“The North Wind Doth Blow,” an English Traditional with impressive counterpoint and 
“The Penguin Polka” by Teresa Jennings with unbelievably adorable choreography.

tiesGRADES 1 & 2:
“Good Night,” a sombre Russian lullaby,
“The Organ Grinder” by Franz Schubert and 
“A Perfect Winter Day,” a wonderful tribute to the joys and aggravations of winter in cheerful counterpoint (written by Teresa and Paul Jennings).

GRADES 3 & 4:
“If the People” - Traditional
“Let’s Take a Sleigh Ride” arr. by Mark Weston
“The Journey” arr. by Joseph M. Martin

Finally, all grades combined treated us to rousing performance of “Winter Fantasy” by Jill Gallina, which includes both the traditional “Jingle Bells” and another melody with lyrics layered together.  

Lots of great lyrics, melodies and challenging counterpoints this year! The progress in our students’ musical development and sophistication continues to show. Most impressive were so many performers conducting themselves with calmness and dignity on stage -even throughout transitions *between* songs. This is all a tribute to the elegant direction of our music teachers Mr. John Martha-Reynolds (Gr. JK-2) and Ms. Deborah Sullivan (Gr. 3-4) and the Kodaly (“Ko-die”) system of music education which has been scientifically linked to higher academic achievement. The Kodaly education at Tobin began in 2013 and is made possible by the generous contributions of local philanthropists Alan and Suzanne Dworsky, with tireless advocacy by our beloved School Committee Member, Fred Fantini (who graciously attended the performance as well).  

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For insight into the amazing academic benefits of Kodaly, search "academic benefits of Kodaly" for this ( and other fascinating results.

Top photo by Kyle Ramey