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General Information

Tobin Family Handbook
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School Hours

7:55AM - 1:55PM

7:15AM Early bus drop-off begins, breakfast program begins
7:40AM Students allowed into classrooms
7:55AM Instruction begins
11AM Optional three-year old pick-up
1:55PM Dismissal
2PM Bus pick-up

The Tobin After School program is available to all students age 3 years and up. Please contact the After School Program Office for more information (617.349.6300; Katie Gladfelter, Director).

Arrival from 7:15 - 7:40AM:

  • Three year old children can be left with Principal at the front door, or walked to the cafeteria for supervision by the Assistant Principal and School Counselor.

Arrival from 7:40- 7:55AM:

  • Parents are encouraged to walk three year olds to their classroom door where a teacher will greet them (after they hang up their coats/bags).
  • Please park on street and walk your child into school.

Check out the new dismissal procedures >>

Every child in Children’s House, Lower, and Upper Elementary will have a communication folder that will go home in their backpack/bag daily.Please check this folder for handwritten notes from the teachers,newsletters, or notices home. If you need to write a note to the teachers, please write your notes in the communication folder.

We also communicate via newsletters, Facebook, and phone. Learn more >>

Telephone Use
Students are asked to use the office telephone only in cases of an emergency.

Personal Property and Toys
The lost and found is located on the second floor lobby near the ramp.Children are encouraged to leave their toys at home because, they are often misplaced and can be distracting from learning. We do welcome books, or other educational material for sharing.