Classroom Highlight: Room 282

Classroom Highlight: Room 282
Posted on 03/09/2018
classroomWhat is a favorite project you worked on this year?

I asked the JK and K students and here are the responses:
"The rainforest diorama because we got to put all things in it like monkeys and raindrops."
"I loved when Mr Alejandro (from Harvard Experimentors) came around and the bottle we made shoot up like a volcano."
"My favorite project was when we went apple picking because we got to eat apples."
"When went apple picking and got to take home pumpkins and some of us got to make jack o lanterns at home."
“My favorite project was learning about babies and how to take care of babies.”
“When people came in. My mom came and taught us about Ethiopia, Africa.”
“When we were measuring the length of the smelly markers.”
“When we got new quiet time journals.”

Tell us a few everyday examples of kindness shown by the students.

Again I asked the students and this is what they told me:
–We help when each other fall.
–When a friend forgot the numbers I helped her put the numbers in.
–When a friend fell I helped her up
–When a friend got wood chips in his eye I took him to the teacher.

helpingAs a teacher in 282 I notice acts of kindness each day. For example, last week we paired off to work and at least three sets of pairs offered to get a pencil for their partner. Another great example is the someone was very sad they would not be in for their leader day because of an appointment. I shared this story and asked what we could. I asked if another would be willing to volunteer to switch days and so many hands went up! On Friday, I walked passed the snack area and saw a 3rd year student helping a 1st year student spread his jam on his cracker. #kindness

How do you and the students start and end your day?

"We greet the teachers with a smile and handshake"
"We have a Morning greeting. One is when we throw the ball and say good morning to the person and then they throw it and put their legs out (so everyone will know they had a turn)."
"The leader reads the morning message that tells about the day."

"We do jobs to get the classroom ready for the end of the day."
"We sing our goodbye song and then the leader hands out our folders."