News from Turkey Trot Headquarters

News from Turkey Trot Headquarters
Posted on 11/16/2018
Turkey Trot 2018 | Wednesday, November 21

We thought it would be a good idea to direct our focus this year in regards to the Annual Turkey Trot. In previous years, we have given out turkeys, pies and cider to the winners of the races. While this i
s a lot of fun for some of the children we felt it was not teaching the children the power of giving to those who are less fortunate than them. We will still host a Turkey Trot (where the you are welcome to stop by and watch) but this year, we will be making a donation from our students during an assembly to the Margaret Fuller House. See below for more information about the format for the new and improved Turkey Trot.

Turkey Trot Revisions
As many of you know, our team (Admin, Family Liaison & PE staff) has been working to revise the Turkey Trot event. Our goal was to create an event that worked to strengthen our tight-knit community while simultaneously giving back to the community---through helping those in need. We are hoping to accomplish this goal through the following revisions. 

Tobin and Friends of Tobin will ask families and local businesses for monetary donations. These donations will be used to both purchase gift cards for Tobin families in need and the funds will be used to sponsor all of the students as they engage in the Turkey Trot. 

Here’s how it will work:
- Every student will be given a feather to decorate with their name or own creative design.

- This feather will represent their contribution to the donation our entire school will make to a local food bank. Their feather will equate to 1$ and each time they make a lap---that is a $1 donation. The feathers will be collected by parents at the end of the each trot and glued onto either the Children’s House Turkey, the Lower Elementary Turkey or the Upper Elementary Turkey. We will have an assembly in the auditorium to reveal the Turkeys from each level and to write a giant check (yes you can order this on amazon) and present it to the representative from the local food bank.

These will be the goals for each level:
-Children’s House Students will be expected to walk/trot/run one lap around the back. This means (one feather for 120 students X 1 lap) the goal for Children’s House is raise $120.

-Lower Elementary Students will be expected to walk/trot/run two laps around the back. This means (one feather X three laps for 120 students) the goal for Lower Elementary is $240.

-Upper Elementary Students will be expected to walk/trot/run three laps around the back. This means (one feather X three laps for 57 students) the goal for Upper Elementary is $171.

- School Goal: to donate $531 to the local food bank.

We are going to strive to make this an uplifting, positive event. We will have music outside and we will continue to invite families to trot along or help us cheer on our students! We think this is a great way to help our students learn about teamwork and what it means to give back to the community!