Do You Want to Code?

Do You Want to Code?
Posted on 12/19/2019
By Aayan Tazim, Daisy Suh, Arfin Alam and Anisa Cali

What is hour of code?
Hour of code has been fun and its happen all around the world many kids have enjoyed playing in hour of code. Kids are now making a game on scratch or coding characters to make them do something like dancing or, walk your character through a maze.You can make games and learn new things and people have been loving it. It has changed a lot of people's minds to code. Scratch is another coding game where kids make the coding games too. And also sometimes they put scratch code games on Hour of Code too.

What is HTML?
4th and 5th graders have been learning HTML it stands for Hyper text markup language. It is the most basic building block. HTML is used to describe a web page’s appearance presentation. If you want to make a website you would need to use JavaScript, CSS and HTML. HTML is used for creating documents world wide web. An example of HTML is a basic web page with a title and a single paragraph. HTML is an independent language it is not a case sensitive language.It uses the title, list and a paragraph.

Do you want to code!?
Many coders have made fun coding games for people to learn more about coding and maybe be a future coder. What the world needs is more girl computer scientist because there were only 43% of woman coding last year. That’s the reason why many high viewed collages are trying to make more woman’s to recruit to code again. What does coders do you ask? There are many types of coders and one of them is called computer coders. They program, design, writes computers then tests if it actually works.

Fun Fact
Phones are actually called computers.
Computers are called phones.

Why is coding so important?
Coding is important because all those computer games you play all those YouTube videos you watch – that's ALL coding. If coding wasn’t there, I think this life would be boring. Coding is important because it’s a thing that kids should learn. Coding could teach people stuff. Coding is basically you learning a new language.

My experience on hour of code!
Aayan: Hour of code was really fun and we did so many things – I played a flappy bird game. Coding has been fun for my friends and we all did some other different games. The most popular game in our class I would say was Dance Party. It got popular by its updates and it added songs and some people like to just listen to the songs. (That’s what I also like to do). Hour of Code is fun, and it has been fun for my sister and me. First graders do bee bot. It’s basically coding but just in real life. Second graders play with bee bots too, code them to go in a line or turn left or right and finish at the end, also second graders learn some more games that are recommended for them and some second graders do hour of code on the third grades computer, third graders help teach first and second graders how to code a character.

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