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Nature's Classroom: Student Reflections

Nature's Classroom: Student Reflections
Posted on 10/19/2018
Each year, out 4th and 5th graders go 
on an annual trip to Nature's Classroom. 
Here are some reflections.*

“One thing [my field group leader] 
makes it so you are always learning 
even though you had fun you are still learning so that was my favorite part.” 
- Alise Headley

“My favorite part was the food, they gave us ravioli and they gave us brownies for dessert. The cabins were clean and safe and we had parties and stories!” - Awab

“The field group was the best because you get to go into the woods and play some games like camouflage. Camouflage is a game like hide and seek but the person who is trying to find you can't move. you also get to get to know your group better.” - Bruce


Another thing that I liked in Nature’s Classroom was that we had transition time and they had a slippery gaga ball pit - it was huge and cool. Another thing I liked was when we did the blind hiking in the forest.One thing that was challenging was that I could not see my mom for three days I felt so sad but also I felt happy because I could be with my friends.” -Emmanuel

“I liked going to the beach and touching little crabs and I liked singing a night song with everybody. It was nice wearing face masks with all the girls in the cabins. With Nature's classroom teachers we got to walk in the woods when it was dark it was scary but fun. One teacher his name was captain planet he took me and some other people to this place it had the most prettiest flowers that were so long I've never seen those before it was so amazing!.” -Maria

“I would tell [lower el students] that nature’s classroom is a very fun place, and when you get there you will not want to leave from that place. The fact that the counselors have silly names is hilarious. You will get to play many different games that include nature! I LOVE NATURE’S CLASSROOM!” - Maya

"The night experience was my favorite. I liked the night experience because I was scared. The reason I liked it was because I got over my fears of the dark. We had to go out with no lights it was very scary.” -Melody

“[Advice I would give] The food is good, and keep an open mind. I say this because I did not get a lot of classes that I wanted to take but they were all fun. I think that if you think you don’t like something at least try it first because they are all great teachers. Every class is fun! If you love to eat and you love good food, you will love it here. And overall it was fun, I liked the activities and I enjoyed myself.” -Naveen

*Students submitted reflections through Google Classroom. Quotes were only used by students who explicitly gave permission to post their writing.