Tobin Snapshots: January 19, 2021

Tobin Snapshots: January 19, 2021
Posted on 01/19/2021

The children from room 284 read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They decided to draw about something they dream about to make things better: either for their families,  their classmates or school, for Cambridge,  or even the world. Each understood the project differently yet they all understood the importance of remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

photos of students 
Last week, the Children’s House students read and discussed various versions of The Three Little Pigs, from a traditional fairy tale to retelling with a surprise ending. We even read a story where the little pigs were replaced by the little fish, and instead of a wolf, a big bad shark was chasing the fish.

As a follow up activity, children built their own houses by using different materials. Then they would have to “huff” and “puff” and try to “blow the houses in”, just like the wolf did in the story. Everybody had so much fun!

At home, Room 283 Kindergartener Josiah Sheh designed three houses, a cup house, a pencil and tissue house, and a Duplo bricks house. In the photo, Josiah is huffing and puffing and blowing a cup house in.

three little pigs photo 
Last week we had a wonderful Act of Kindness at #287. A child had a very difficult time separating from her mother. She came in and could not be consoled... The teachers tried their best to comfort her but in vain. We decided it was best to give her some lone time and let her talk when she was ready.

After a few minutes, Wyeth Cook came over showing a bracelet that he made in the Cubs Corner last year, "when it was not even 2021"( in his own words). We thought he was simply sharing his creation with us and then he said that he wanted to give it to her. We didn't quite understand what he was talking about until he went over, socially distancing himself from the other child and offered the bracelet to her because she was sad. We were able to capture what happened! It was a moment that made our day today and we wanted to share that with our community. After much deliberation, the child accepted the bracelet. 

kindness photo 

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