Behavior Expectations

kindness jar
One of the keys to a positive school experience is a discipline structure which promotes the development of responsible behavior. The emphasis at the Tobin School is on maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning, working, achieving and developing basic moral values. Our goal is to practice and develop the following values: honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance and giving. 

Behavior Guidelines/Discipline
Discipline is approached in a positive manner, stressing what can be done and providing the child with positive choices. Faculty members do not use punishment that would be detrimental to the child’s emotional security or self-image.
Respect and kindness towards others and responsibility for one’s own behavior are important throughout the school. The student’s behavior is reinforced by the respectful ways in which the teachers work with them. Students are involved in developing and understanding these rules within their classroom environments when appropriate and feasible.
Teachers recognize the importance of instructing and assisting their students in life skills so that they become productive and responsible members of the school community and society at large.
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