Report Cards and Family Conferences

Family Conferences
The school year at Tobin Montessori is divided into trimesters and formal Family Conferences will occur at the end of the first and second trimesters. Conferences are generally about 20 minutes long and may vary in some ways from classroom to classroom. Some teachers do conferences jointly with the parents and child present. Others do conferences with parents only. However, all conferences at Tobin Montessori will include examples of your child’s work and assessment information. Conferences at Tobin are a time for the teacher to share, but also listen. This is an important time for teachers to hear from parents about their child’s experience in school, as it directly impacts their learning in the classroom.

Your child’s classroom teacher will reach out to you schedule your family conference. Family conferences will be scheduled after the end of the first and second trimesters.

Report Cards & Trimester Dates 
1st Trimester - September 5th to December 8th
Report Cards will go home on December 13th

2nd Trimester - December 11th to March 16th
Report Cards will go home on March 21st

3rd Trimester - March 19th to June 18th
Report Cards will go home on the last day of school, June 18th (with no snow days).