Classroom Highlight: Room 290

Classroom Highlight: Room 290
Posted on 03/23/2018
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– Mizzy & Miss Katie

What is a favorite project you worked on this year? 

There are so many but, just recently we had the students exploring different biomes. They had to pick an animal and, working in pairs, describe the biome the animal lives in and how the different parts of that biome helps it survive. The fun part was that they could use anyway they wanted to share this information with us. Some of the students wrote a Postcard as if they were the animal telling us about how great it was to live there. Some did an Interview where the biome interviewed the animal to see how it was liking living in this biome. And still some others wrote an Advertisement trying to get us to come live in that biome! The creativity these young children have is amazing!

Tell us a few everyday examples of kindness shown by the students? 
Multi-age classrooms are wonderful for so many reasons but helping each other is certainly at the top. Older members helping tie shoes of younger members, students going over and helping someone with their work if they see them struggling, children going over to comfort someone who is feeling sad, and sharing their feelings at the peace table are some of the ways we see acts of kindness everyday in the classroom.

How do you and the students start and end your day? 

From 7:40 to 8:05 is called “Setting-In” time in our classroom. During this time children come into the classroom, greet their teachers and find their committee members. Here they work with that committee to prepare their committee area for the day. A lot happens during this time. Children get to catch up with each other from their time away. Children test out being leaders and children learn how to listen and how to be heard. Working together to accomplish the tasks at hand develops cooperative skills through a practice life work. At the class meeting each committee reports important information about their committee (presentation skills).

At the end of the day we have a closing circle. This is where we all come together in a circle to end our day together. We each have the opportunity to reflect on our day and share any “amends” or “thank yous” we may wish to express before leaving for the day. It is a wonderful way to end our time together.