7:15AM Early bus drop-off begins, breakfast program begins
7:40AM Students allowed into classrooms
7:55AM Instruction begins
11AM Optional three-year old pick-up
1:55PM Dismissal
2PM Bus pick-up


  • Arrival from 7:15-7:40AM: Three-year-old children can be left with Principal at the front door, or walked to the cafeteria for supervision by the Assistant Principal and School Counselor.
  • Arrival from 7:40-7:55AM: Parents are encouraged to walk three-year-olds to their classroom door where a teacher will greet them (after they hang up their coats/bags). Please park on street and walk your child into school.
  • Breakfast begins at 7:15AM. Children arriving for breakfast should go directly to the cafeteria.
  • Classrooms do not open until 7:40AM. Student are not allowed to go up the ramp until the clock in the lobby reads 7:40AM.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Unless you are the parent of a child in Children’s House, please say goodbye to your child in the lobby area. This means we should not have any adults (besides staff) walking around in the hallway to the left of the ramp.

Late Arrivals
If your child is late, please bring them into the main office and sign them in on the laptop (most lower el & upper el students can do this independently). Unless your child is in Children’s House, please say goodbye to your child in the main office. If they would like a staff member to walk with them to their classroom, we can arrange that.

School Closures
School cancellations will be announced on all major radio and television stations starting at 6AM. It is also available on all CPS web sites, CPS Facebook and Twitter pages.

Early Pickup
hallway.jpgAnyone picking up a child before the end of the school day must write a note to the teacher stating the time of dismissal and who is to pick up the child. Upon arrival, you must report to the Main Office and sign your child out at the office laptop. You will receive an early dismissal pass. A Tobin Staff Member will then call to have your child come to meet you in the main office. If anyone other than the parent or guardian is to pick up a child from school, or if a child is to ride a different bus than usual, a note must be given to the teacher at the beginning of the day.

3-year-old optional: 11AM 
All School: 1:55PM

  • All children should be picked up at the front door of the school. Three year-olds are picked up in Room 129.
  • Parents may NOT park in the drop-off circle. This circle is for buses ONLY!!! Parents may pull up across the street and walk their child(ren) back to their cars.

Dropping Off Materials
If your child forgot a book, a hat or his/her lunch, please enter the main office and let Fay or Mary know. They will ask you to leave the materials on the table, and they will ensure that your child receives them. 


  • The school day officially ends at 1:55.
  • Bus Students will be escorted to their bus by an assigned staff member. 
  • Student Pick Ups:
    • Cub’s Corner: Parents/Guardians may wait downstairs outside the classroom until dismissal
    • Children’s House: Parents/Guardians may head up the ramp 1:55PM to pick their child up from their classroom or special.
    • Lower Elementary & Upper Elementary: Parents/Guardians should remain in the lobby in the family waiting area during dismissal. Please do not stand on the ramp, or at the entrance to the ramp as this creates congestion and a safety issue for bus students.

If you happen to arrive early for dismissal, please wait in the lobby. Children’s House parents/guardians--please do not wait outside the classroom. Again, there should not be any adults in the hallway to the left of the ramp, as Parents/Guardians of Children’s House students are the only adults who need to pick their child up directly from the classroom.

Dismissal: Learn about the new dismissal procedures >>

Parking Procedures
There is no parking in the circle during arrival. The front circle is reserved for school buses. Please utilize street parking located on Vassal Lane, Standish Street, Lakeview Avenue, and other neighboring Cambridge streets. If you are dropping your child off at the front door:

  • Live Drop Off: Pull over on the right side of the circle and the child exits the car (on the right) independently onto the sidewalk.
  • Stop & Drop: Pull further up on the right side of the circle and exit the vehicle. Walk around to the right side of the car and assist your child onto the sidewalk. Your child walks independently into school and to their classroom. Please exit the circle promptly.
  • Handicap Parking: Located on the left side of the circle (island side).

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